Ahrens & Birner Company GmbH

Virchowstraße 19/19a
90409 Nuremberg

General Managers: Wernfried Ahrens, Markus Birner
Commercial register: Amberg District Court HRB 2628
VAT ID: DE202427410
Tax number: 241/121/30825t

1. Legal rights, guarantees, and exclusions

ABC IT makes every effort to give concise, current and complete information on this website. Changes can be made at any time and without
notification. We shall not be held responsible for any errors found in our website. This is also valid for any references within our website, such
as “Hyperlinks” that are offered either directly or indirectly in the ABC IT website. ABC IT cannot be held resposible for any contents from
external links or references made by the ABC IT website. Futhermorge, ABC IT cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages
(including lost profits) due to information received from any external sites. The contents of the ABC IT website is copyright protected.
Forwarding any of this information to a third party is forbidden. Any pictures or graphics from the ABC IT website are copyright and cannot be
saved or copied. Any Information is protected by national laws and international conventions, in particular in relation to copyright. Any use and
in particular any copying, distribution, performance, transmission, making available or other transfer as well as any processing or transformation
shall be subject to the prior express written agreement of ABC IT or the related third party. In partibular, Information shall not be published in
whole or in part on the internet sites of any third party.

2. Registration

ABC IT may make the use of particular websites dependent on a previous registration. There shall be no right to registration with ABC IT. ABC
IT reserves the right in particular to restrict any previous open access to the website or to make the access to the website as a whole
dependent upon a prior duty to register. In the event that personal information must be provided the user is obliged to provide complete and
accurate information and to update such online or by written notice to ABC IT if online changes are not possible. In the event that ABC IT
allows the user use of a restricted part of the website, ABC IT shall provide the user with access identification and password (Access Data).
The user shall keep the Access Data confidential and shall not provide such to any third party. If the user has any reason to suspect that the
Access Data in part or in whole has become known to any third party, then the user shall be obliged to inform ABC IT of such in writing without
delay (Blocking Notice), if necessary in advance by email. ABC IT shall invalidate the Access Data as soon as possible. Any acts or omissions
of a third party utilising Access Data up to the end of a reasonable period to implement the blocking from the time of the receipt of the Blocking
Notice by ABC IT shall be the responsibility of the user and the user shall be liable therefore unless the user is able to prove that the user is not
responsible for such act or omission and tht such act or omission would have occurred also if the user had exercised all reasonable care,
especially in relation to the duty of confidentiality. ABC IT may cancel at any time a right of access by blocking the Access Data without having
any duty to give reasons for such, particularly in the event that the user provides false information in the registration application or in the event
that the user does not conform with these Conditions or in the event that the user breaches its duty of care in relation to the Access Data.

3. Data Protection

The user is aware that any personal data provided will be ascertained, processed and used in terms of the regulations for data protection and in
particular the Federal Law of Data Protection and the Telecommunications Services Data Protection Law. ABC IT undertakes to use any data
obtained, processed or stored during registration or use only within the ABC IT Group in accordance with ABC IT Privacy Policy which may be
read by way of hyperlings on the website, and furthermore ABC IT undertakes not to provide such data to third parties insofar as no legal or
administrative reluations require such or insofar as the user has not expressly given approval for such. The user has the right to demand a
revision of false data, as well as a blocking and cancellation of any personal data. The user is aware that the transfer of information and the
provision of any data via the internet is insecure and that any personal data my be noticed and forged by unauthorised third parties.

4. Liability

ABC IT shall not be liable for any damage based on any area of law resulting from the use, the impossibility of access, any other hardware of
software defects related to the website or any wrongful settings of the computer-system of the user. Any downloading or other receipt of
information and data by the user from the website shall be at the user’s own risk. ABC IT accepts no liability for the data and information in
particular in relation to its usability, correctness, completeness and absence of any virus. Any use shall be at the sole rist of the user. Any
liability of ABC IT for any damage resulting from the use of the website, particularly in relation to interruption of operation, loss of profit, loss of
information and data as well as consequential or indirect damages is hereby excluded. Any liability of ABC IT for damage by virus, Trojan
horses, hoax virus or similar programs as well as for program parts or codes resulting in similar limitations, destruction or stopping of systems
or parts of systems is hereby excluded. The user shall itself ensure that the necessary steps are taken to protect against viruses and other
destructive data. Any liability of ABC IT for defective or incomplete transport of orders, manipulation of ordering information by third parties,
partibularly by unauthorised access to networks and systems of ABC IT or any liability for the non-transport of orders is hereby excluded.